User must have roku account to activate and enjoy the roku streaming. For this rokudeoes't charge anything from users. Roku is nothing but basically a streaming device which is available at different prices in different models. In order to enjoy its features you must not forgot to activate roku com link code.

How to Enter Roku Activation Code?

The roku code is the simple and can be used easily for activation if user follow the steps carefully. There are a few instances when you can go wrong while entering this code.

What is Roku Com Link?

Roku link code is nothing but a gateway to use roku streaming devices without which user will unable to activate the roku product. Check the procedure to retrieve irt from the roku connected television sets.

How to find Roku Link Code?

Note down roku code link from TV and use it to activate roku device. Refer the below steps properly to get rid from the roku com link activation errors and start using the roku stream successfully and hassle free. When user buys the roku device first time, then they need to set it up with your TV the setup.
Read the steps below-

  1. In the first step user need to set the location and the language for the streaming device.
  2. After that user need to choose a network connection.
  3. If in case your device support a LAN port, then choose the wired connection method.
  4. Else, all the roku devices are capable of connecting to a wireless router.
  5. Now, you will asked to enter the network password.
  6. After this, the device will ready to install or update a few software.
  7. As soon as the software update completes, immediately you see a code on your RV.
  8. This is your roku activation code.
  9. Enter this on your roku com link account.

Steps to Create a Roku Streaming Device Account

User must have to roku account to activate the roku
You should have a Roku account to activate and enjoy the contents of Roku devices. Roku doesn't charge anything for Roku account creation.

How to Link Roku Device with Roku Code?

Linking the Roku streaming device is the important step to setup the product. As soon as user open the page you will asked to enter the valid credentials such as user name and password.
Go forward with the instrutions and the device will be automatically linked to the Roku com link account.

Roku Activation Code Error

Roku activation code errors will not come if user type roku code properly. If there is an issue or user forgot the code, then user can get a new fresh code by contacting the service provider. Clicking on the star button is another option for getting the fresh code.Typing the Roku com link activation code in the respective page is important to avoid the errors in future.

List of Roku Error Codes

Roku error code can be occur frequently due to various reasons. But to rectify it, it is necessary to find the issue to fins the correct and exact solution. Roku errors are common if you starts using the device or while activating it. Here is the list of roku code errors–

Roku Error Code 001

This error arrives when user's device is not connected to the network.

Roku Error Code 003

If you are using the Roku streaming player for a long time, you would get used to this error. Software update will set things right.

Roku Error Code 009

This error occurs when you do not get the network access. In suchcase user will have to restart the device and cross check the network settings.

Roku Error Code 014

In this error user can check the network credentials to resolve, as it arises due to the network connection issue.

Steps for Roku Device Activation to Enjoy Roku Streaming

After you create your Roku account, visit the website. Sign in with the Roku username and password.

Make a note of the Roku link code from your TV screen.
Go to for entering the Roku activation code to link your Roku streaming device. After you enter the activation link code, your Roku device activation is successful.